Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ahambu red lace leggings

New arrivals at the store : baby leggings size 0 to size 8

Red & Green Ahambu lace leggings

Eye print for So Forgotten

Eye print for summer

NMBQ stripe print for summer

So forgotten eye prints

Beautiful Namila & baby Manu wrapped in NMBQ

Lots of dots for summer

Summer @ NMBQ store

Summer look in our store

Printing @ our studio

Dot prints for summer

Ahambu brown lace print

Ahambu brown lace print

Lots of lace prints for summer

Street view @ NMBQ store

Street view @ NMBQ store

Lots of prints

It's going to be leggings

Red Ahambu lace print

Ahambu lace print

Ahambu lace print

Lots of things made up & ready to go to the store